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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

I Left My Heart in San Francisco..o..o....

 In fact it was my BRA I left in Las Vegas. But that's another story.
Yes, we're back.
After our ten day holiday in the US.
Three days in San Francisco, three in Vegas and three in LA and another day travelling home. Phew. Six flights, three hotels, one seven hour round bus trip, numerous miles walked in great heat and a wonderful time had by all.
Here are some holiday snaps. Not too many - I know how boring it is having to look at other people's holiday photos.
First off, San Francisco - a city of (steep) hills - up to the top, then down the other side, then up again and down again, and so on. That's me at the top of the hill, the one in the second picture.
The buildings are beautiful, like this perfect green wooden house.
Now a short flight and we arrive at Las Vegas. I wasn't sure I was going to like it and we were only really using it as a base to visit the Grand Canyon, but actually I did like it very much.
Here's the Eiffel Tower, Vegas style.
We don't usually stay in posh hotels when we go on holiday, but this one was a beaut. Pity about the tramp with the carrier bags. Definitely lowers the tone!
That tramp again, aka Bob. Loved the name of the burger place - and the stomach in the foreground has been deliberately stuck out!!
Yes, the Vegas as you know it. But I was impressed with the cleanliness and freshness of the place. 
We had an amazing day at the Grand Canyon and this was a little shop in a village called Dolan Springs, where we stopped for cold drinks on the way back.
When things got too hot there was always the hotel pool. (Bob's feet, not mine).
Right, time to leave Las Vegas and on to Los Angeles, just in time to catch their record breaking temperatures of 113 degrees.
We stayed in a hotel near this place, the Getty Centre - a quite beautiful example of modern architecture, perched high in the hills of Bel Air. It's a museum and art gallery housing the huge collection of works acquired by J Paul Getty. We spent a full day here and loved the building, the gardens and the views. Not to mention the paintings and decorative art.
This lovely lady is posing in front of one of those spectacular views ( probably blocking out at least two skyscrapers!).
Then down to the edge of the Pacific at Santa Monica beach to catch the sunset.

And here is the old couple enjoying a seat on the hop on hop off bus at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The smiles say it all. It was a fabulous holiday.
Oh wait, I had to put these last two in. This is a diner in San Francisco. I love the shiny, sparkly red plastic upholstery and the pistachio green walls. And what about that car!
Well, that's all folks! Except - the bra..... naw, nothing risquee there. I just forgot to pack it when we were leaving Las Vegas, and it was my favourite one too.


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