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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Sneaky Peak

We've been busy over the past few days, putting together some new designs for the latest trade brochure ( for our wholesale customers). As soon as that's complete, I'll turn my attention to the website and update that too. But here's a sneaky peak at a few of the new designs.
Nothing is ever simple and straightforward in the run up to a Trade Fair and this was no exception. The printer was the first casualty - well, not really broken - just refused to work and wouldn't tell us why - made us jump through hoops until we found the answer. Sorted again, thank God.

Then there was the continuing story of the new stand design. Well, I did make some headway in that, at least I think so. Bob agreed to make another of the boards to display the cards so there should be enough room now for all the designs. Not perfect, but better than nothing. One day left before we go and there's one hell of a lot of stuff to do. Basically we need six of each design of card and I've not counted, but there must be 150 different ones at least. Once we've got that done, there's everything to pack. That includes the stand displays, tables and lighting etc, the paperwork -brochures ( not printed yet) order forms etc, plus all our camping things ( we're staying in our old trailer tent) and I like an element of creature comfort, so that includes a fan heater, mini TV and cosy bedding. Finally Bob's walking gear and if there's still room in the van, his bike as well.
If you've never been to Aviemore, I have to say it's set in breathtaking scenery in the Cairngorms. I of course won't see much of it as I'll be spending three days in a hall, but Bob loves hill walking and there are plenty hills to choose from.
Once the van's packed, we've then got to rescue the house from the mountains of things which aren't in the place they're supposed to be, if you know what I mean. Time for Kim and Aggie, I think. I never like going away and leaving the place in a mess, and this time we have friends coming to house-sit, so they need to have somewhere to sit. At the moment every seat has a pile of "something" on it.
OK, so that's tomorrow taken care of! I love it really.


  1. have a fantastic time - I'm sure you'll do really well. The new designs are 'braw' lol

  2. Found your blog via UKhandmade.
    Wishing you great success at the trade fair with your lovely embroidered goodies.

  3. Hi Colette and Beadyjan - thanks for your comments. We've just got back from Aviemore, tired but happy. Will tell all in the next post. Till then.....

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