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Friday, 3 April 2009

Rose and Cream

Just been working on a batch of our latest colour collection of Patchwork cards - Rose and Cream. We're combining some of the softest pinks and faded rose patterns with ivory and cream mixes. As usual no two are the same - some are decorated with hand painted hearts, others with leaves and buds. This particular batch is destined for Drymen near Stirling, and will soon be displayed on the shelves of Drymen Village Shop.
The next two orders to be completed are, by coincidence, both for shops on the beautiful Isle of Arran, one of my favourite places. It's very tempting to deliver them in person, but sadly time won't allow.
By the way, the roseandcream patchwork cards are now for sale on the website at £2.00 each, or six for £10.00. Click the link to find them.
And the weekend is ahead - nothing particular planned, we'll be open as usual on Saturday, but if you pop in you might find me taking some time out from card making to get back to my roots - proper embroidery and fabric "stuff". I'll be happy to show you what I'm doing.
I've been meaning to do that for ages now, but there hasn't been the opportunity. So, I'm going to grab what time I can tomorrow. Hopefully!

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