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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Chilly Winds and Trade Fairs

Back to work today. Just as well, as the wind has changed to the East and is blowing chilly air off the North Sea. We sent four large orders out this morning, and I thought we were pretty much up to date, with some time to draw breath, build stock and prepare for the Trade_Fair which is looming ahead, when another order arrived. Ah well, shouldn't complain. This was a special card made a day or two ago for a 40th birthday.
And today, I made up this little order for a new baby boy - a keepsake box and a personalised card for the new parents and one for the grandparents. The keepsake box is a popular gift idea which we sell in the workshop, with designs suitable for babies, weddings and anniversaries. We don't make them ourselves but hand paint the lettering on them to personalise them. They will be on the website in a day or two, along with some other personalised items which are new.

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