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Sunday, 20 March 2011


Hello again - another week passed. I'm glad to say the cold germs have moved on and we're both much better.
All I'm left with is a dull ear which is annoying, and a feeling of lethargy. But still on the early nights, so I'm sure the energy levels will soon be back to normal.
We had a rare evening out on Friday - to escape Red Nose Day on TV. Sorry, but I can't be bothered with the whole shenannigans.
So, as it was promising to be a clear night with a bright full moon, we decided to walk along the beach to Lower Largo (about 2 miles), for a couple of drinks.
It was a gorgeous walk - the sky was darkening when we set off, but the large moon was reflected in the water, so we had enough light to guide us. And the beach was deserted.
I've "borrowed" these photos as I didn't have the camera

It was dark by the time we reached the pub. We've got two to choose from, and the first one we went into was the Crusoe Hotel

seen here in daylight, by the way!
But, aghhhh... the place was decorated with balloons and red noses and the staff were all dressed up. It was all going to kick off pretty soon with a full blown Red Nose party - games the lot.
So it was a quick drink there then over to the Railway Tavern
across the road.
Now that was much better. A red nose free zone.
So we had another drink there then strolled home by the light of the moon.
It does you good to have a night off.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Holidays- Pros and Cons

We took a few days out of circulation last weekend to firstly visit Laura and Greg (D& S in L) and then on to London for a city break.
Firstly, the PROS...
We got to spend time with Laura - that's always good, and not frequent enough - we also got taken on a tour of the new house they've just bought ( fingers crossed, the sale has ALMOST gone through).
This room was what decided them
Amazingly it's classed as only the "fourth bedroom" and for a new house the size of the room is massive. There are three windows letting the light flood in so it will make a perfect studio for Laura - and there are three more bedrooms for when the bairnies arrive(!)
It's also in a lovely little village just a few miles from Cambridge.
Still on the PROS...
London next. Dry, bright, not windy, but bl***y freezing. Not bad walking weather though. Art Galleries and Museums - always a delight.
This is Laura and I on the Millenium Bridge just after our visit to Tate Modern
And of course we did the touristy things. It was a good weekend but there were just a few CONS.
Last year we had built our weekend round a major concert at the O2. This year we thought we'd just go and find something when we got there - a play, show, concert whatever - London's full of them. But nothing appealed. I mean nothing. I guess we're just too choosy.
Still we had nice meals out and visited the alleged oldest pub in London - the Lamb and Flag.
Well thinking about it there weren't really any CONS during the weekend.
When we got home there was an unusually large pile of orders waiting. Both from the website and the trade. Well that's not a bad thing, but we brought a little something home as memento of our weekend in the big city.........

a full on stinking COLD. Both of us, feeling like death with every bone in our bodies crying out
and asking to be tucked up in bed with one of these. But if you're self employed the show must go on! 
I have managed to have early nights though and it's great, you know. Up to bed at 10 with a good book, a Lemsip Max and two Ibuprofen, followed by a long good night's sleep. I'd forgotten what eight hours sleep a night was actually like!
So next year's trip to London will be to coincide with something we want to go to, and we'll be sporting face masks on the Tube!!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

It's March already

All over Blogland people are waking up to Spring - sunshine with a bit of warmth in it and stretching days. Lots of blogs are sporting images of snowdrops and crocuses - lovely.
We've just emerged as well from weeks of trade orders, and suddenly without warning there are parts of the day without pressing jobs to do.
It can be quite disconcerting when it happens so suddenly, and it takes a day or two to adjust.
Typical male, my OH is starting to fret slightly about being "under employed" while I still have a list of jobs to do longer than my wee short arms. Women always find something to occupy their time.
We have a major order to complete for next week for this little corner shop -

so that is keeping him happy at the moment, while I am thinking ( just thinking, mind) about springcleaning, sorting out and tidying up. Once a housewife, always a housewife.
In case I get carried away and pull out the rubber gloves and Ajax, we're heading off to visit daughter and have a long weekend in London. I think we deserve a bit of a break after this start to the year. It's been like Christmas as far as orders are concerned. Not that I'm complaining at all!
So see you when we get back.
I'll start the Springcleaning next week.


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