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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Hello stranger

Well really I'm the stranger, having been AWOL for months. Things have just got in the way of blogging, and I kind of enjoyed the silence for a while.
No promises I'll be back regularly...but I'll try.
So what has kept me away? Well I'd like to say it was because I was off on some world adventure, but the truth is life has been mostly so boringly predictable that I'd have to have
invented stuff to make this blog interesting!
This old work/life balance thing again.

We've been seeing a lot more of this little lad who's now 8 months old

and having his first taste of football
This was a family get together last week at Laura's house - both sets of grandparents and Uncle Nick with Rebecca
 And we had a week in Italy in the Spring. This is Portofino where we spent a day, with a picnic I hasten to add, as a bowl of soup in a cafe was 45euros!
and the stunning Lake Maggiore
OK so it's all pretty boring stuff, but that's no excuse to fall asleep!

And apart from that we've just been on the production line as usual.
It's July now so it's Christmas card time again.
Well I'm signing off again and heading for bed. Maybe I'll be back again sooner than last time!


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