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Saturday, 21 March 2009

A Walk Round Blacketyside

Since Google Street Views have been rolled out across the UK in the last couple of days, I thought I would do our own version for Blacketyside Farm. After all, I can't see Google reaching our neck of the woods for a long time yet! We start at the bottom of the farm road, just as you turn off the main road (A915). There in front of us is Blacketyside Farm Shop, a beautiful wooden chalet type building opened a year ago.

Bursting with fresh goodies - from homegrown fruit and vegetables to chutneys and jams, and local beef, not to mention cakes, biscuits, sweeties........

Some of the Farm Shop Cuties.

Another look at the interior, and yes, those are our cards on display.

The beautiful pine interior, looking through to the Tearoom - choice of coffee and luscious cakes or home cooked lunch with fresh local produce on the menu.

Well stocked little Garden Centre adjacent to the farm Shop - just too tempting for me.

We leave the Farm Shop and take the quiet farm road all of 150 yards to the Embroidery Workshop nestling behind our cottage, just glimpsed in the photo. Woods to the left with snowdrops, daffodils and bluebells.

Looking across our garden and down the road from whence we came. I love the open space and greenery here.

Farming for the 21st century - the view from the back of our cottage overlooking the workshop to the field sloping up the hill towards the farm itself. This was recently planted with not sure what, but protected from the elements by perfect rows of polythene drills.

And the walk leads us into the Embroidery Workshop - more cards and crafts to see, mostly handmade locally, and well worth a visit, although I say so myself! It's just a gentle stroll up the road from the Farm Shop, after all.

And hopefully you haven't spent all your money in the Farm Shop already - although we do take plastic.


  1. Absolutely beautiful surroundings... thank you for sharing :) xxx

  2. What an absolutely fantastic place to live. I've just realised that you live not far from me in dunfermline and you know me as Pagan on UKCrafts Forum

  3. Thank you for showing the beautiful pics of Fife on your blog. We are moving to Fife in December.



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