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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Walk in the Woods

We took ourselves to Ladybank woods today - the sun was shining but the wind was still cold, so we reckoned on a sheltered walk in the woods. Lots of reminiscing of picnics and gang huts built in the woods when the kids were wee. I haven't been back there for such a long time.
Blue sky above the trees.

Then home via a route we've never been on before, although it's only a few miles from our house. We came over the hill and got a view of the Lomond hills from a direction we've not seen before. You learn something new every day!
Just watching Butch Cassidy at the moment - one of the all time greats.
And I HAVE started the website revamp - on paper at least. Another day or two should see changes being made.

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