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Monday, 23 March 2009

Day Off

Monday is our (supposed) day off. That means the workshop is closed to the public, and we can go anywhere or do anything we like. In reality most of the morning is taken up with office work, packing orders that sort of thing. Then we head off for a swim, lunch and usually home, unless there's a film worth seeing and we grab a quiet matinee.

Today...we had our swim, lunch as usual..then home to do a spot of work in the garden. Bob whiled away an hour or three chopping down a tree (see before picture), managing to fall off a ladder while holding a saw - I was only sorry I didn't have the video camera handy for "You've Been Framed". No lasting damage, thankfully not a repeat of my career threatening accident last summer. I pottered around trying to tame a neglected flower bed, and gave up when the rose thorn penetrated my thumb so deeply it gushed.
So we've used up all the elastoplast between us and it was a relief to get back to some safe work tonight.

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