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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

How we blogged in the 60's

We were watching Butch Cassidy last night and trying to figure out when we saw it for the first time, when I remembered my diaries. In 1969 I was 15, and kept a diary of the most detailed drivel. Lists of films I saw, books I read, music I liked... So a quick look in the back of the wardrobe and there was the box of diaries.

It didn't take long to find, thanks to my lists - Saturday 16th May 1970, at the Gaumont in Dundee, with my then boyfriend!
Many years before computers and the internet, I recorded everything in my diaries, and it turns out they were just about as public as a blog. Unknown to me at the time ( and only confessed to fairly recently!) my little sister read them all, incriminating evidence too. She probably used them as blackmail, although I don't remember.
Years later, married and living in our first house, the box of diaries was stored in the attic which was only accessed by anyone over 5'10" in height. My darling husband would clamber up and entertain himself leafing through the pages accompanied by raucous laughter, knowing that I was powerless to stop him, and that it would drive me bananas - PIG!!!!
Tonight, I've just spent a pleasant hour or two delving back 40 odd years to when life was simple - going to school, Youth Club dances, Saturday job, spending your money on the latest fashions and make up - PVC coats, mini dresses and pale lipstick, Top of the Pops, homework, boys.........ah happy days.
I deliberately blurred this photo in case any secrets slipped out - hope you can't read it!!!! But let me know if any other child of the sixties is interested, and I might publish some carefully selected extracts!

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  1. Hi Marion I just wanted to say that I have kept a journal all my adult life too - I have gone nearly 20 years now writing every day there is the odd break of a week or so but its mainly there. Its very satisfying to look back not only on teen years but my adult years too -

    I have enjoyed your blog



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