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Friday, 13 March 2009

All Around the World

In the past 24 hours we have sent out thirty six parcels and packets by post, three by courier and two large cartons by international courier. For about five minutes, I was up to date with our orders from the website, and began to rashly make plans for a big "clear up" and "sort out", ideas which generally never get past the planning stage.
Then the phone rang and the orders started to come in again.
Of course, the last thing I'm doing is complaining. But the clearing up will have to wait for another day.
In that batch of parcels, there is a picture for a new baby in Australia, two wedding pictures for England, Golden Wedding cards, a varied selection of birthday cards from age 16 to 90, two Christening cards, last minute requests for Mother's Day cards from shops which are rapidly selling out and the big order for cards from Japan (see below).
Hopefully a lot of people all over the world will be pleased when they open their card/ present and find a personalised Embroidered Original!
Spreading a little joy.
In other matters, I've been trying to put a clever little gadget on this blog where a selection of our cards whiz around in a little box in a pleasing fashion. But unfortunately it's proving too clever for me. If at first you don't succeed....waste more time!
Photos in next blog.
P.S. I'm playing around on the computer while delicious smells of garlic and tomatoes are wafting from the kitchen, courtesy of obliging husband. Mmmm...
P.P.S. Done it!!! Slide show, I mean.

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  1. Well done Marion, you have been a busy bee, long may it last, you deserve success your work is gorgeous :) Sarah xx



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