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Sunday, 15 March 2009

Saturday Night Fever

Special order - plaques for a 90th birthday party

I've spent the entire day springcleaning the workshop - the promised big clean up. It now boasts two large tables which are completely free of clutter ( for the moment) and a number of odd bits of redundant furniture bound for the dump. There's room to breathe now and I'm looking forward to working in an orderly and organised fashion - ha ha.

Anyway, feeling a bit guilty that I hadn't done any actual work today, I did a bit of homework tonight - 70 handpainted and lettered plaques for a special order. ( I seem to recall that in some distant past life Saturday nights were for going out. Or was that a dream? Ah well..)

That sort of repetitive work is easy to do while watching telly, and it's a good feeling to see them all laid out to dry and I didn't mess up a single one!

They are for a lady's 90th birthday party and will be given to each of the guests in their "party bag" as a keepsake. I hope she has a wonderful day.

Cuppa now, then bed.

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