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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Spring Colour

The weather may have turned a bit colder today, but I thought some pretty florals would remind us that it's nearly April. These are the Floral Patchwork cards which are going on to the website soon. They are available singly or in sets of six ( for only the price of five!) We have great fun making them and there are never any two the same. Full details will be on the website.

We 'll be adding a lot more to the website for the new season, including the Triple pictures below. The first is for a birthday - it can be any age - and there will be a choice of colour schemes.

Then a new addition to the baby range. It's already proving popular here in the shop, and there will be a little girl equivalent too.

And for today's job, a large card for a granddaughter's Christening. I hand stitched the garland of flowers which the dove is trailing with pink french knots interspersed with mother of pearl sequins and appliqued the white satin dove on to a beautiful old fabric in the palest shell pink.

It has also been a "wedding" day, as we regularly do a batch of cards for a hotel near Gretna Green. They always take a selection of different designs and colours and I've been painting them tonight. Another job in the bag.
A close up

Finally, today's guilty pleasures - an Eccles cake ( when did I last have one of those) with my coffee, a browse through some celeb type magazines while waiting for my Mum at the dentist -( I always pooh-pooh these rags and never buy them, but devour them at the dentist or the hairdresser!) and spending more time than I should have tweeting on Twitter - never thought I'd see the day.......


  1. Such pretty cards!!! Lovely!

  2. your blog is well well well......

  3. They are fantastic. The colours and the designs are wonderful.



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