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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Interesting day

First a walk along the beach - a little hazy but the sun burst through to give us the warmest day yet this year. The door and windows of the workshop were open all day, letting in the warm Spring air, and a fair number of people strolling up from the Farm Shop ( they just came in through the door though, not the windows!) Some flashed the plastic, others just browsed, but that's OK. I'm very glad when visitors make the effort to come up the road, and if they like what they see they may well come back.
Bob was doing a bit of framing in his workshop and I was catching up with orders to go out in the post.
Peaceful and harmonious.
Not quite so harmonious this evening, but that's another story!
Suffice to say, it seems that I have had a contre temps with a certain Craft Fair organisation ( not one I have exhibited with yet). They took exception to my pointing out a potential problem with their website, and reacted by deciding not to let me exhibit with them. Now that's a first!
But, am I bovvered? In a word, no. I'm too old/tired/busy to care. I hope they have successful fairs for exhibitors and visitors alike, but we won't be there.
Which reminds me, our events calendar is filling up for the year and I'll be adding the list to the website tomorrow, or rather today, as yet again tomorrow has become today and I'm still not in bed! Time to remedy that...

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  1. It all sounds so wonderful where you are, good luck with everything and I hope the browsers turn into buyers soon, sorry to hear you have had probs with craft fair organisers.

    Wish your daughter all the luck in the world with her run, great cause, great thing to do! Im full of admiration for fund raisers,I will sponsor her as soon as hubby gets in (he knows how to do all that bit, lol)
    Speak soon,
    Sarah xx



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