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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Wi' a Hundred Bottles and all and all...

A hundred bottles of Silver Glitter fabric paint arrived yesterday - in the nick of time. We had a huge order bound for Japan, to finish and had run out of paint. Bob was OK, his job had been to do 500 Scottish thistle cards ( I know what you're thinking... Japan? It's for a Tartan shop in Tokyo.) They ( thistle cards) didn't require silver glitter.

Anyway, he beavered away for a week or two between other orders, making them in batches of 50. Then smugly showed me the box completed.

I, on the other hand, drafted Barbara in to help me make the 600 square patchwork heart cards. They involved adding four separate tiny squares of tartan and other fabrics to each card, then 2 fabric hearts and 2 embroidered rosebuds, before outlining each shape in silver glitter. Until the paint ran out.

But it arrived, and the last 100 cards were finished in the early hours of this morning. It's a good feeling when a job that size is out of the way. But I think it's going to take me almost as long to find the right packing boxes. Although just paper, cards of that quantity weigh a ton!

I've ended up packing them in smaller boxes which then go into two large boxes. It was fun and games trying to weigh them for the carrier - I had to stand on the bathroom scales holding one of the boxes - not easy - then try to see the weight over the top of the box. Can you picture it?! Then I weighed myself ( not telling) and subtracted that to get the weight of the box.
Big business, eh?

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