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Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Patchwork and Quilting Show

Every year at this time, Barbara and I head off to Ingliston in Edinburgh for the Patchwork and Quilting Show.
It's a rare day out for me, justified by the fact that I'm there to buy fabrics for the business. As it's also something I really enjoy doing, it's definitely combining business with pleasure.
Of course, I can buy ( and do, frequently) plenty of fabric on the internet. But it's good to see it in reality too.
This time I had a shopping list and at the top were plaids and checks, although I didn't hold out much hope of finding any. But I was lucky and picked up this little lot.
And also a good selection of plains and mini prints.

And this is what approx £130 worth of fabric looks like! Still it is going to go far, once it's cut up into thousands and thousands of shapes like these
And then turned into cards like these

But before I stash all my lovely new fabrics away, I think I'll have to give the drawers a bit of a tidy up!

Oh and we saw some beautiful quilts too. After all that was the main thing about the Show, but of course I didn't have my camera with me, so I can't show you any.
We were in agreement though that the standard of exhibits was a good bit higher than last year. I'm not a quilter, but Barbara is ( yes I can say that now, B, since you do have a few actually finished ones now, don't you!!)
I can admire them though, and wonder at the time it must take to produce such large yet intricately detailed examples.
We had a good day out and came home exhausted but happy with our purchases. Well almost - Barbara being the queen of bargain spotting didn't quite use up all the money in her purse!

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