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Saturday, 26 February 2011

It's Spring!....Isn't It?

The temperature according to our car today was 15 degrees. The sun shone ( mostly) and we seemed to waken from our winter hibernation.
For one thing the camera was actually taken out of its case.
And captured the sun shining on a vase of daffodils.
Then ventured outside to find Bob washing windows, in his usual precarious fashion.
This should be the last time he has to do that as we'll be having brand new windows soon, which will allow me to wash them from the inside.
I walked round the poor sad garden and this is what I found.

Completely neglected pots of last year's flowers,

And what looks like a muddy puddle, but is in fact the garden pond. It usually looks very colourful with irises and waterlilies, but just at the moment it's clogged with leaves and pondweed and looking much neglected.
HOWEVER.... I spent three hours and six bin bags this afternoon in the warm sunshine, getting to grips with the problem.
There's nothing much to show for it yet, but soon the new shoots will appear.
And lastly the field is back to its usual empty self, after last week's farm sale ( see previous post). The portaloo wasn't removed until Tuesday! The field is ready for the ploughing to begin, I hope, then the seed sowing, and we can look forward to another year of gently swaying wheat.
Roll on Spring.

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