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Friday, 17 April 2009

Market Weather

Thursday is Bob's day away from the workshop. He's out and about in the van making deliveries to local shops and collecting work from Fiona, but manages to squeeze in a swim and a walk too. Today he took the camera round the Links Market in Kirkcaldy. This is the oldest market in Scotland, I believe, and probably the coldest. People round here talk about "Market Weather" when the wind blows cold from the East - it always seems to at this particular time of year.
The sun shone though and intensified the colours - lots of amazing patterns and colour combinations. Plenty of inspiration here.

And despite the wind and price of the rides, it was as busy as ever. I have to say I'm glad my days of standing shivering by the hobby horses and waving to whichever offspring was hanging on for dear life, are past. My purse is too!
I stayed in the warmth of the workshop and fretted about the stand design for the Trade Fair, blethered to Barbara ( while we both worked, of course) and listened to the howling wind.

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