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Sunday, 5 April 2009

Two Walks, Three Cards

Two walks today since the sun was shining - first one along the beach in the morning to buy the paper and visit Mum, and another after lunch, up past the farm and down through Letham Glen. Sundays are sort of days off as the Workshop is closed to the public, but more often than not we have work to complete for dispatch next day, and today was no exception. There was a batch of cards to make up to finish off a few shop orders (that was tonight's homework), and a "special" to do for a 40th birthday. I managed to squeeze in a couple of ideas for new cards too. I think there might be something worth developing in these as an addition to the large cards. There's no message on them as yet, but I would imagine they would be suitable for birthdays. They are actually old ideas re-worked.

This one below is the 40th birthday order.

And to end the day we picked the first batch of rhubarb from the garden this year and made a pud tonight - we don't usually have one - but good old rhubarb sponge...lovely.

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