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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Spectacular Sunset and Trade Show Tales

We're back. A mini working holiday and the Aviemore Trade Show is over for another year. The printer finally co-operated, we got the brochures printed, the van packed, the camping stuff assembled, the last minute orders and customers seen to, the house( kind of ) tidied up, and we were off. This was our home from home for the weekend, our trusty old trailer tent. It always reminds me of a big pram with the hood up, and it usually attracts some attention when we camp beside the super duper caravans, but it has an amazingly comfy bed and is very cosy.
We stayed at Glenmore campsite ( 10 out of 10 for amenities and situation) and this was the scene that met us when we took our first evening stroll. The campsite is on the shores of Loch Morlich and the sun was just setting.......
The loch was like a sheet of glass, not a breath of wind and the colours just made you stand and grin like an idiot.. We stayed for an hour or so watching the sky changing and deepening in colour and the sun sinking behind the hill. Fabulous.
Back in the trailer tent, all zipped up and cosy for the night, we found there was no reception on our little TV because of the mountains, but who cares - with views like this to drink in.

I managed to read an entire book - something I haven't managed to do for so long due to ridiculously late bedtimes recently - and had an average of 10 hours sleep per night. Talk about recharging your batteries, I don't need to sleep again till October!
I of course was on a working holiday, so was at the Trade Show during the day. Not that I minded at all. Bob was doing his thing, climbing hills and going for long bike rides but also being my servant, cooking me a bacon breakfast, doing the washing up and keeping the tent tidy. All I had to do was tart myself up in the morning in my best business clothes - an odd sight I have to say among all the happy campers in walking gear and outdoor clothes, and then have a pretty sociable time with other exhibitors, many of whom are good friends I only see at Trade shows.

So... was it successful? Well, on the whole, yes. I took a reasonable number of orders from some of our existing trade customers and had an interesting chat ( polite way of saying interrogation) with a representative of a very large organisation. No names but suffice to say they look after stately homes around the country and have gift shops attached to them. Anyway, I think there was a policy to try to beat the craft worker down to get the cheapest price possible for their products. I'm pleased to report I stood my ground! That's probably snookered me for getting their business but I'm not losing sleep. If they want to stock our cards in their shops, fine, but I'm not going to be intimidated into selling them at knock down prices. Each card is handmade after all.
Another calming sunset, quick, before I lose my cool!

The other good things about the show... The chance to buy some gorgeous Scottish handmade products for our own shop - no haggling by me either. This year I chose some necklaces by
Jewellery by Katrina in a wonderful array of colours and look forward to receiving them.
And I also stocked up on more candles by Karen of Dekassa. They are little scented candle tins
with images from our own cards reproduced on them. They'll be on the website soon.
And the icing on the cake? I found that a good friend and fellow craft worker, Margaret of MethilMoggies fame, has been harbouring some fabric ( Buchanan tartan, Barbara!!) that I have been seeking for years and what's more I have been harbouring some fabric (Lindsay tartan) that she's been seeking for years. So a neat swap is in order.
And last but not least, I came home with a bag of SIXTY bottles of that certain fabric paint, no longer made, which is CRUCIAL for our card making process (and which I would give my right arm for). This was courtesy of another kind crafter Fran Harkes who is famous for her quirky clothing company McAnaraks and her newly launched website for handmade buttons http://www.mcanaraks.com . (PS Just had a look at Fran's buttons and they are fabulous.) Thank you Fran, from the heart of my bottom!
Home again, unpacked, washing machine going full pelt and the orders waiting. It's a good life.

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  1. Glad the show was successful for you. What gorgeous photographs, I think I may have to persuade hubby that a long weekend is in order.



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