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Saturday, 11 April 2009

Happy Chocolate, Daffodils and Bunnies

None of the above apply to Easter at the Embroidery Workshop - well the daffodils maybe. So far, no chocolate to be seen in the shape of eggs, bunnies or anything else. No kids left at home, you see.
Ah well, it would have been bad for the waistline anyway.
I treated myself to a lovely pottery jug in colours to match my kitchen, when I was down at the Farm Shop yesterday morning so that's my Easter present.
Not a lot of work done today, on account of a flying visit from daughter. Except it wasn't a flying visit - she usually flies, but this weekend she drove for six hours to get here for one day!
She's back home again now safe and sound, and it was lovely to see her, albeit for such a short visit.
We had a nostalgic trip to our old Art College yesterday. Bob and I had been there in the early '70's, and our daughter studied there too, many years later, doing the same textiles course as me, and even with some of the same tutors. So we had a walk round, and were surprised to see nothing had really changed, apart from us of course!

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  1. I sometimes think I'd like to go back and visit my old colleges, but then life gets in the way and it gets pushed to the backburner - glad you had a good time though. My son and I did pop up yesterday to visit your farmshop - had a lovely lunch in the restaurant, but your blog today explains why we missed you. Maybe next time though.



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