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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Hot and sticky

That's how it feels tonight. I'm putting off going to bed as our room is in the eaves of the cottage and it's like a blast furnace up there tonight.
So anyway, it's been a while....
Various things have kept me away from blogging, some good others not so good. But here we are again. 
Today was a celebration of a certain person's birthday. Youngest member of the Mitchell family is now thirty - can't believe it...

Happy birthday Nick. Looking the part on the red carpet at the Edinburgh Film Festival.

Youngest member of the Mysak family continues to delight us all...

Mmmm, tasty.

It's just a couple of weeks now until the start of the West End Fair at the Edinburgh Festival. How can it have come round again so quickly? We should be getting the finger out and building up lots of stock but the fabulous weather has made us lazy. We'll get there in the end, we always do.
A couple of cards for a customer who wanted to celebrate his new granddaughter and also not forget her older sister who missed out when she was born. I thought they made a good pair.

So that's it for this hot and sticky night. Sweet dreams.


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