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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Have I Deserted You?

No, no not at all. But that old complaint of no time left to do stuff like blogging is back.
Since I was last here for a chat, we have been at the Royal Highland Show, which was four days of glorious weather, record attendances and sell outs of our cards.Which is of course what we want, isn't it!
It's great to be selling the cards so well, so easily, and in fistfuls to many customers, but then you get home and look at empty stock drawers and take a deep breath.
It is only a few weeks to the Edinburgh Festival Craft Fair - three and a half weeks long, seven days a week....
Well we do it every year and survive, so what's new!
Another reason I haven't been here for a while is that I'm trying to rejig our web shop and add loads of new cards and other goodies. So online time has been devoted to that, but oh dear it takes FOREVER to upload photos, add text etc.
It's a bit of a jumble at the moment, so please bear with me. I'm not a techie and things are a little confusing until I get the whole lot sorted out.
I'm trying to simplify the website for customers, so that if you're looking for say, a wedding card or keepsake, you just have to click on the "Wedding" button at the side. Simple, a no brainer you say. Yes but it's such a slog copying every single product from one section to another.
Anyway, that's it for tonight.
Holland have just won the semi final of the World Cup, and if they go the whole way I stand to win one hundred pounds, thanks to Bob, who had a little flutter on them on my behalf. His team (Italy) were out ages ago, so I suppose I should share my winnings with him - that's IF the Dutch do the job.
He says if they win I should spend the hundred pounds on something from Holland - that's a lot of Edam for instance. Then again there's beer, tulips, clogs...what else?

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  1. Hello Marion!!!!! So happy to hear business is good..that is out goal ..right? Have a great time at the Edinburgh show.
    Janet xox



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