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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Get Ready Folks!

Well, summer's almost over and almost like the change of the season, my thoughts have returned to my blog.
Quite a lot has happened since I last recorded anything here, and a great deal more is about to happen, including a MAJOR business decision. ( More about that later).
It's been a busy summer and things aren't likely to slow down now until after Christmas. But that's good.
I will make time to keep you up to date and I'm planning a rather long and involved post very soon.
Today I was belatedly designing Christmas cards and preparing a Brochure of them for the Trade Show coming up in a couple of weeks.
I think I'm pretty pleased with what I achieved today - the creative juices don't always flow so easily - and I've got seven new designs.
August just disappears for us because of the Fringe Craft Fair. It's an outdoor craft market at the end of Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh, open seven days a week for three and a bit weeks.
I blogged about it last year with pictures here.
This year there was less rain, believe it or not, which means more visitors and more sales, so we were happy bunnies.
Well I'll be back soon with an explanation of that business decision - I'm off to bed tonight - yawn.
Here's a picture first though - I think it's too boring to have to read a blog with no pics!
Apropos of nothing, this is a favourite snap of our two when they were little ( a long time ago). I've always liked this picture as it seems to capture the moment so well.
Look at Nick's blond curls! I love his little baby neck and big sister Laura is so tall compared to him. She's now about ten inches shorter!
Night all.

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  1. Hello Marion,
    I am looking forward to seeing all your new designs. I know they will be beautiful and creative..... ;-)

    Janet xox



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