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Friday, 6 May 2011

Royal Wedding Windows

Is the coast clear? Has the world got over the Royal Wedding yet?
Well I suppose there would still be a lot of twittering about it if there hadn't been the OBL news on Monday.
(Joke heard on Twitter - " Who said you can't take the bin out on a Bank holiday!" Well I thought it was pretty funny, though it might not make much sense to any overseas readers.)
I can't say I'm a royalist but I did think as Royal weddings go it was a good one, mainly because Princess Kate looked beautiful, no argument there. She got it just right and I believe much of the decision making had been hers. The dress was perfect, timeless - so that when you look at footage in twenty years time it won't look ridiculously dated. The trees were a good idea, as was the request in the invitation that the guests compete for the most horrendous outfit prize. The bridesmaid's bottom got its own Facebook page and everyone had a jolly time.
We couldn't watch it on our own TV as it was covered in a dirty sheet (more about that later). So we went to a local baker's for some cakes and took them to my Mum's to watch it there. We were homeless for the day you see (more about THAT later too).
So even Mr Cynic ( my OH) was watching too, and he kept his sarcastic remarks light hearted and actually pretty funny, so  we had a laugh and enjoyed ourselves.
Anyway, so where am I going with this?
The reason we were homeless and the TV was covered up was this...
We were having our windows replaced (Oh, is that all? you're saying)
Here I have to own up to a dirty little secret.
See this - ( hangs head in shame) - this rotten old window frame is a close up of our kitchen window.
And this is our bedroom window. Note the squares of card, used to stuff into the frames to stop them rattling in the slightest wind. The wood is rotten and the varnish blackened. Well I suppose they are the original 100 year old windows.
But now look!

Same bedroom but new window, beautifully constructed in the traditional style by a craftsman joiner It should last another 100 years.
And again - I'm in love.

And once more. I've dusted them every day since they were fitted. And Bob has been out with a bucket of soapy water more than once removing the tiniest of marks on the glass. Risk of OCD there. They cost an arm and a leg but were well worth it.
So the Royal Wedding and our new windows will always be linked.
Good luck to the happy couple by the way. I hope their marriage lasts as long as our windows.
Another thing I want to say is that there's been a lot of work going on across on our website. Long overdue for an update, I've spent today adding a whole host of new designs. I'm not finished yet either, but there is a Special Offer for May on there already.
And the eagle eyed among you might notice that I've finally got round to changing the List of Events on this blog to 2011! It's only May after all.

1 comment:

  1. Now the world looks all clear and bright!!!

    Love the reconstructed windows and the hardware is divine

    Have a lovely Mother's Day!

    Janet xox



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