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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Highland Show time again

Hello it's me.
I'm having a bit of a quiet night and heading off to bed soon ( yes and it's only 9pm, not the usual early hours).
It's been a busy few days ( understatement), culminating in the ritual setting- up -of -the- stand at the Royal Highland Show today.
Given that it's only the 20th year we've done it, we actually managed to break a couple of records -
1. Didn't forget anything.
2. Packed the van in record time.
3. Set up in record time.
4. Didn't even argue!
So now we're home and I can't face doing anything else tonight. Bob has made his packed lunch and set his alarm clock for 6.30 am - he is the one to be spending ten hours behind the stand tomorrow, while I sort out the chaos left behind in the workshop (It always happens before a show).
I also have my helper/friend tomorrow being Thursday and a growing To Do List for us both.
The weather forecast for the next four days isn't great, but that doesn't stop the thousands of loyal visitors who don their wellies and don't fret about their 4 x 4s being bogged down in muddy car parks. Farmers are made of strong stuff.
I'll show you some photos when I go over at the weekend.
Bottoms Up!

1 comment:

  1. Yes...photos please!

    I'm sure it will be a huge success as always. Good Luck!

    Janet xox



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