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Monday, 3 October 2011

Late Night Rambler Returns

 Hello again. October already. I hope your summer was a good one. I've gathered up a few pictures to show you what we've been doing that's kept me away from the late night blogging.
Starting with the sunset above, that was 30th July, our 35th wedding anniversary. Yes 35th. We walked along the coast to Lower Largo for a meal and drink, walked home along the beach where the photo was taken, and then cracked open a bottle of champers in the garden with some candles and a log fire. Romantic you might say, but then it was just us two old codgers.
 Moving on to August and as usual there was the flurry to set up the stand at the Edinburgh Festival Craft Fair. It always takes care of the whole month as the Fair is open seven days a week for 3 weeks, and although Bob is the one who's there every day, I'm back at base working furiously to keep stocks up as well as coping with website and trade orders.
 But I did escape for a precious two days to York to meet up with our daughter and soon to be Mum herself. We had a lovely girly time sampling afternoon tea at Betty's Tearoom and doing a good bit of retail therapy.
 The baby bump was on display too.
 No sooner was the Festival Craft Fair over and we had to pack the van again for the Dundee Flower Show. But once that was over we forgot about work for a whole week and headed off to the sun. Crete, in fact.
 Wall to wall sunshine, clear blue skies, turquoise water and a welcome slow pace

which recharged the batteries in time for setting up the stand at the Autumn Trade Fair in Glasgow just 24 hours after we got home.

 It was with a certain amount of reluctance that we set off for Glasgow as the order book was already full with shop orders and Bob's parting words to me as he headed for home after we'd got the stand built was "Don't try too hard to get new customers"
Yes well I didn't try but they came anyway.So much so that we took twice as many orders as last year. That is good, of course it is. But it's also quite daunting to think of the workload before Christmas. Just take it one order at a time...
And finally - what on earth is this? This friends is our bathroom! Lovely isn't it! It's actually where the bath used to be and where the new bath will be - sometime in the near future (I hope). The day after we got home from Glasgow the work started on our new bathroom and sort of en suite. It's been ongoing now for two weeks and we've become quite accustomed to brushing teeth at the kitchen sink and going down to Mum's for a bath, but as our pregnant daughter (now two months on from that photo in York and only six weeks away from D Day) and her husband are coming up for a visit next weekend, it would be nice if there was some progress.
So that's the late night rambling up to date again. See you soon x

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