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Thursday, 1 March 2012

M is for Mother's Day

This is what I've up to my eyes in for the past few weeks. Since the last Valentine card order was packed up and dispatched it's been full speed ahead for Mother's Day (18th March in the UK). Fiona has cut out hundreds of Ms and Us, and I've been doing likewise - I can just about cut out 8 layers at a time before my hands complain.
This is what a tray of hearts looks like - used for Valentine, Mother's Day, weddings etc and the variety of fabrics grows all the time.
And Barbara has had a full day of stitching to catch up with the Spring surge of website orders.
It's not just the Spring flowers which are putting on a growth spurt in this lovely weather. Look at how this little one has developed in the last three months!
PS Another blog via my iPhone. Very handy but I can't seem to insert the photos where they should be along with the text. Sorry

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