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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Covering Scotland

I'm quite proud of this. I was intending to update the list of stockists on our website, which meant laboriously typing out each name and address - and there are rather a lot now - when I thought I could maybe make a map showing where they all are.
Google's great. One quick question how I could do it, and there it was. Very easy.
Not only do I have all the shops, galleries and garden centres which stock our cards on the map but you can click on them to see their address, opening hours, website etc. Very clever Google.
This pic is just a screen shot. If you want the interactive map just click here
Have a go and see if there is a stockist near you. ( Sorry if you are in England, no shops there yet. On the other hand if you are in San Francisco, Toronto or Vancouver then you're in luck! Contact me for details!)

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