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Monday, 9 February 2009

What I Used To Do

To celebrate, or should it be commiserate, the fact that it is TWENTY YEARS since I had the time to give to the following type of work, I collected together some of the pieces produced between 1980 and 1989, mainly for my own benefit, to remind myself where I stopped.
At that time I was a new stay -at -home Mum and found the time to enjoy stretching the boundaries of canvaswork in a series of textile pieces. It helped that EMBRYO, now Edge had just been formed, and it gave us a focus of exhibitions to work towards. What happened after 1989 - Embroidered Originals, that's what!
One day, there will be time again... I hope!
Each of the pieces is based around canvaswork, or needlepoint, but with added applique, quilting, fabric painting and anything else that worked as a contrast to the texture. They probably look a bit dated now, as textile art is influenced by changing trends like any other art form. And when I lift my needle/open my sketchbook/throw around some paint again, I think I will be going down a different path - not sure what yet - hence the reason I looked out these photos - to be a reminder of where the last path stopped.
All of these pieces have found new homes and I haven't seen them for 20 years - so glad there are pictures to remind me, although it was long before digital cameras and the photo quality is pretty poor. What the hell - here they are...

Forgotten what this was called

Three Tassels




Dark Cloud, Bright Lining

Blue Trees, Gold Triangles

Shorelines ( repeated, by mistake- sorry)


Pink ( again, going senile!)


Old School Ties

Grey Skies


Autumn Border

Colours on Canvas
Thanks for looking - there are more on my Flickr page, with descriptions of the process of creating each piece, if you're that bothered!

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