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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Happy St Patrick's (Birth)day Mum

Another year has rolled round since I mentioned Mum's birthday on this blog. Just amazing how the time has gone in.
So it's Happy Birthday Mum, again. I won't mention age! She's had a chat to granddaughter Laura in Saigon this morning and a visit from grandson Nick this afternoon. Not to mention a weekend full of her other two grandchildren John and Izzie.
She's about to buy herself a new laptop ( she'll be on Twitter next!) so will be able to keep up to speed with this blog.
Of course with Mother's Day on Sunday past, she's got a mantlepiece full of cards, and they are all bright cheerful flower designs. Just what's needed to welcome Spring.
Here are Mum and Laura at Laura's birthday weekend last June - the last time we saw her before she set off on her world trip. She'll be back at the beginning of May, but has been keeping an online journal of her travels ( the link is on the right).
It seems the world has been waking up and stretching this week. After this cold hard winter we've had, it's not just the plants which have been hiding. February was a quiet month for our trade customers, but suddenly this week the orders have been coming in again. And I can tell by the number of cars in the Farm Shop car park that people are beginning to get out and about at last. We have a lot of orders due to go out to Garden Centres and they are bound to busy now that the growing season has started.
So one good thing to come out of the long winter is just how much everyone looks forward to and talks about the warmer weather. It really does lift the spirits. But you know what they say "Dinnae cast a cloot 'til May is oot!"


  1. It was nearly 70 degrees here in Virginia today. I have a vase full of yellow daffodils from the garden ...very cheery. Your Mum is a beauty and I wish her many more birthdays!

  2. Thank you Janet.
    I can't wait to tell Mum what you said. She'll be thrilled.

  3. Your Mum is so beautiful. Sometimes we don't realize the treasure that sits directly in front of our eyes. It is so wonderful the way you speak of her. God bless.

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