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Friday, 19 March 2010

Next comes Easter

Well, Mother's Day has come and gone. It heralds Spring and sees the shops full of daffodils and tulips. Much needed colour, if at a premium on that particular day.
So the next event on the calendar is Easter. It's early this year being the first weekend in April. I don't confess to being in any way religious, so it really passes me by - although I have had more than my fair share of Easter eggs over the years, I have to say!
We also don't do much in the way of cards for Easter usually. This year though we have had quite a few requests from our customers for cards, so I've made up some designs and added them to the website.
So, if it's your thing - Happy Easter to you when it comes. I like to think of it more as a celebration of Spring and the new life of the year- lambs, birdsong, flowers, that sort of thing.
Here are the cards ( they are also on the website)


  1. Very cute Easter/Spring cards! My daffodils are in bloom along with the forsythia bushes...very pretty.

  2. Yes I remember metting at tha trade fair, 2yrs ago? We gave it 4yrs, might try BCTF (if they'll have me!)when th kids have left - only 2/3 yrs to go! Might suit my arty farty stuff better & might get back to 3D2D as well, was impressed to braved 3 wks in Edinbro!

    Love the tulips design & the new piece on other blog.

  3. I'm an Italian teacher of English, i was looking for nice cards for my pupils to do ,and I found yours.
    They are very nice and cute.I'm not so good in drawing butt I can cook .


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