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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Where Has The Time Gone?

This past week has been quite odd in some ways. There was a slight concern at the start of the week about Laura and Greg in China when we heard about the earthquake in Yushu county. We knew that they were travelling to Tibet, but didn't know where exactly, or when. And there was no way of contacting them.
Anyway, we got a call from them on Friday - they had been only an hour away from  the epicentre of the 'quake, but on the day before it struck. They're doing a tour of the country at the moment and really enjoying it. Unfortunately the Chinese authorities are a bit suspicious of bloggers, so Laura hasn't been able to update their blog since Hong Kong.
They'll be home a week on Tuesday, or should be. Who knows when this volcanic ash will disperse? They could well be held up, like so many other people.
What else has made the week odd? What a memory - I start to type a post, and halfway through I've forgotten what I was going to say - senior moment.
Well of course, the eruption in Iceland has been a bit of a surprise. Empty skies are actually quite nice, unless you were trying to get somewhere abroad, or home. Just shows you that Nature can outwit Man every time.
In the Embroidery Workshop, we've been resting on our laurels somewhat. Just jogging along making up orders and building stocks. This is usually a quiet time of the year, and instead of working at our usual pace, we sort of slow down. There is time for other things, and we have both been doing stuff for ourselves. Bob's been working on a new drawing, and I've been doing a bit of embroidery.
I'd like to keep this going if I can, even when we get really busy again, because I think it may well have a positive effect on the business. I could see new designs for the cards and pictures coming out of this.
We'll have to get ourselves in gear though, because the Aviemore Trade Show comes round again next week ( so soon?!).
We should have had all our new Christmas designs ready for that - mmm, some maybe.
So this coming week will be back to our usual panic stations.

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  1. I have enjoyed following your children around the world and hope they return safely. Be sure to pop in some photos of things you are working on...we love to see them..;-) Have a great week!



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