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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Chilly May

Unusually we've had three weekends on the trot where we've been socialising rather than working. It makes a nice change.
After the Aviemore Trade Show a couple of weeks ago, we had a lovely family reunion last weekend when Laura and Greg got back from their world travels, and Nick was home for the weekend too, so we had a houseful. Good to see them all under one roof again, even if it was only a weekend.
Laura and Greg are back down south now starting new jobs and house hunting. A new chapter of their lives about to start.
And this weekend we had my sister and her family - another evening of fun and laughter.
It was an easy one for me as Bob did the cooking - and all the washing up! What a guy!
What have I been doing work wise?
Well this week was pretty busy with shop orders and also a whole host of different orders on the website.
I'm also trying to get some time to revamp the website a bit ( I know - you've heard it all before!).
And yesterday afternoon I was playing with this. This is my alter ego, where I'm trying to do some proper embroidery work. At the moment it's purely for pleasure but there might be some progression to include it in the Embroidered Originals portfolio.
I'm charting my progress with this work here.
I might just grab a little bit of time to do some gardening this afternoon - it's sunny outside but very chilly for May.

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  1. Oh Marion...that embroidery is divine! Had no idea your talents were so fine tuned!!



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