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Saturday, 29 May 2010

New Designs

It was a late, very late night in the workshop last night. The birds were singing and the sun was almost up by the time I crawled to bed, and then this was the scene that greeted me when I opened the door again this morning. Err well - I wasn't going to waste any more precious sleeping time by tidying up! All that mess was to produce these cards, hopefully suitably flowery for the Garden Show next week.
And these are a couple of new designs using the long shape of card.
And while on the subject of long cards, some of you might remember me scanning and playing around with some genuine '70s textile designs, painted by moi way back when I was a stoodent. I blogged about them here. Well I thought I'd try a few cards with the designs. Now that I've got them on Photoshop the colourways are endless.
And more colourways of my little birdies - Old Pals.
So it's not all holidays by any means. ( I blogged about our holiday in the Outer Hebrides last night with photos of some glorious beaches. Please take a look at the previous post to see what I mean)
And last but not least I swapped postcards with Emma from "a little bit of everything" blog as it is her 50th birthday coming up. She sent me this beauty which reminds me of where she lives, the Isle of Skye. She has quite a task making fifty cards to send out to blog friends, but the joy will be opening the fifty different ones she will receive in return from all over the world. Great idea, isn't it?

The card I sent her is over on my other blog. The link is on the sidebar.
Right, I'm off to clear up the workshop and start messing it up all over again.


  1. a messy workshop screams CREATIVITY to me. I just adore your new cards...so colorful ;-)

  2. these cards are beautiful, you are very talented!!

  3. Marion...It was worth staying up all night working on your cards~~~ They are beautiful, and well worth all your effort. I just love them!



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