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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Perth Andermass Street Fair

Just a quick note tonight to say that we survived the Arctic temperatures and had a good day at the Perth Andermass Street Fair today.
It was -4 and snowing when we arrived but the sun came out and we had our fan heater (shhh, don't tell - we weren't supposed to use the electricity supply for anything other than lights) and I was wearing six, yes six layers of clothes, so I was reasonably cosy all day.
With both of us there, we were able to take turn about dodging into shops to get a heat and also do some Christmas shopping.
There was brisk business with our Christmas cards and plaques and the opportunity to chat to a lot of our regular Perth customers who always brave the weather to come to the fair.
Back home in time for "Strictly" ( that's my weakness, not X Factor), a hot bath and a quick check of emails - I think a lot of people must have stayed indoors today in the heat and chosen to shop online, judging by the number of orders come in from the website. Thank you shoppers!
I'll be doing a bit of work on the website tomorrow - some new bits and pieces to add.
One more craft show before Christmas - that's the Glasgow Concert Hall next Sunday - a 3D2D Craft  and Design Fair - then we can put all the lights and craft fair props in storage until next summer while we have our winter hibernation.

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