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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snowed In

Yes, we're pretty much snowed in here at the moment. We are about 200 yards up a farm road and it's uphill -the farmer has been out with a snowplough attached to his tractor but although the snow has been cleared from the road now mostly, it has left it like a pure ice rink.
So no post today, no deliveries and also no collections from our carrier. The shop orders will have to wait until Wednesday.
We did have a walk down into the town this morning to go the bank and to post the latest website orders, so at least they are on their way. Six inches of snow on the golf course, which is our walking route to town, and it was lovely.
This is when you realise the benefits of working from home. I would rate trying to drive in snowy and icy conditions as way up among my most hated experiences. I used to have to do it quite a lot and it's left me with bad memories.
We've been doing a lot of looking out of the window today watching the blizzards, the thunder and lightning, the hail...and this...
Can you believe we still have a rose flowering outside our living room window in these temperatures?

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