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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

A Standstill

This weather is getting way too much. We're still buried under feet of snow and yes, it's STILL snowing.
Although we're lucky enough to work in the comfort of our own home, things are beginning to become a problem.
No post since Saturday, so no mail orders have been able to get here. Also no supplies - getting dangerously low in red envelopes, for example. I know there are boxes of them on their way, but who knows when they'll arrive.
I shouldn't moan, at least I don't have to drive to work, and I really feel for those who do.

No collections by our carrier so the shop orders are beginning to pile up in their crates waiting to be packed up. The living room is getting more than a bit congested.
But there are still more orders to do, so this was Bob's array of cards made tonight, all lined up on the table to dry ( each card has a lot of paint).
And this is my little lot - they're not all finished yet - I'm just having a break!
Yesterday before the weather worsened, Bob took the camera for a walk. We're spoiled for choice when it comes to walks from our cottage. You can do a beach walk, a golf course walk, a glen walk, a woodland walk, a farm walk or combine them all. Bob chose the woods up the hill from us and then back home via the golf course.
These photos are for Laura's benefit.
(You'll know exactly where they all are Laura.)

Here is our very own hill, Largo Law. It's not ours of course, but when we moved here from the town many years ago, we were so bowled over by the view from our back door that we called it our hill.

 And this is looking back to our cottage across the field from the edge of the wood. Look closely and you will see our bright red back door. (The snow is more than twice as deep now as it was in the photo.)
As I said, Bob walked back along the golf course which is totally obscured by snow.
OK now I'm just wasting time - my teacup is empty and I should be getting back to these cards, but this is our cat - "the Wee Cat" - is his name, except that now he's not so wee. Anyway, being well padded he doesn't seem to feel the cold and enjoys being outside in the snow. I think it's maybe because he's mostly white so this is the only time he can mooch around and not stick out like a sore thumb. And he's also a bit of a poser, as you can see.

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  1. The is beauty all around you! Thanks for sharing. Happy Holidays.



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