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Friday, 7 August 2009

All Packed Up And Ready To Go

What a day. Always the same the day before a big Craft Fair.
We've rushed around making up last minute stock - always last minute - before the big pack up/load up tonight.
We've filled two floor spinners full of cards, that's 432 cards on each one, and eight plastic crates of pictures, other cards, plaques and assorted pretty things.
Then there was the checklist of sundries:-
Lighting, cloths and drapes, shelving, screens, cash float, paper bags, visa machine, catalogues, pens, staple gun, hammer and nails, comfy chair ( VERY important to avoid a sore bottom after 3 weeks of sitting behind the stand) and so on and on.
Bob loads up the van with the heavy stuff first and then keeps sensibly out of my way while I faff around collecting every last miniscule thing to take with us.
Packing has become an art form over the years and I have a sort of routine in order to make sure nothing important gets forgotten.
As you can see there's not much room left in the back of the van - just enough for the packed lunch and flask of coffee tomorrow.

Doors finally closed, a mental check in case I've missed something and then an early night. We have to be up at 5.30 tomorrow morning to get through to Edinburgh and unloaded before the traffic restrictions start. Bit of a nightmare.
Anyway it's done.
Except THIS is what the storeroom looks like after I've ransacked it while packing. And pretty much the whole house and workshop looks like they've been raided.
But that's a job for Sunday.
My Craft Fair presence is tomorrow only to oversee the setting up. Then I'm at home working on stock while Bob is in the comfy seat behind the stall each day.
Sunday I'll whizz around and tidy everything up and restore some order ready to open the workshop as usual on Tuesday.
So August will fly by at the West End Fair, and when we raise our heads again it will be September and summer will be nearly over. Roll on Christmas -aghhh.
PS I'm taking the camera with me tomorrow, so watch this space for a visual trip around the Fair.

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  1. Look forward to seeing your pics of the fair - Good luck :)!



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