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Monday, 17 August 2009

West End Update

Sorry no photos today. I meant to take the camera yesterday but forgot.
So that's the first week behind us.
As usual for Scotland there's been a healthy mixture of sunshine and showers ( well downpours really). But believe it or not less rain than the same week last year.
In general the visitor numbers are up I think and that has been reflected in the sales over the week.
It has been quite a struggle to keep up with the stock levels but we've got it down to a fine art, Bob and I.
He's in Edinburgh selling and I'm at home making. I anticipate what he might be selling and make cards like fury during the day, and he phones late afternoon to tell me what he's sold - and usually I've anticipated wrongly! So then I start to make more.
I went over to the fair yesterday for the weekly check and tidy up ( men are no use at that sort of thing) and to let Bob have an escape for a walk. I had another mooch around the stands ( wish I'd remembered the camera) and treated myself to a necklace from Fiona Luing. There are lots of jewellery stalls to choose from but I really liked the contemporary blown glass beads.
I need to peel myself away from the computer now and get on with some work, but Laura (daughter) and Greg ( son in law) have just arrived in Quito in Ecuador on the first leg of their round the world trip and we've been chatting, thanks to Twitter.
Photos of more stands next week. There really are so many amazing crafts on display.

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