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Thursday, 17 December 2009

From Scotland to New Zealand with love

A few photos of our tree and decorations coming up - not because I want to impress or show off ( just a bog standard tree after all) and not because I think anyone who doesn't know me would be the least bit interested. There are so many other blogs dedicated to beautiful Christmas displays.
Today's blog post is for Laura and Greg, who you may know as our daughter and son in law, at present on the New Zealand leg of their world adventure.
We won't see them at Christmas (boo hoo) and Laura wanted me to send pics of our living room with the decorations. so here it is.....
This is your painted wooden santa, Laura, with your name on it.
And this is looking out of the window past the tree to the front garden to prove that we had snow today! Pity that part of the window is steamed up but it maybe adds a little something.yAnd here's the tree in its glory.This year, Laura I decided to have a natural theme going on the mantlepiece, with fir branches from the tree, holly and pine cones. I have some white fairy lights to be added when I get the right size of batteries!And the Wemyss cat is sporting his tartan scarf. That's your Christmas card in front.And I sorted out the dresser in the kitchen with all the brightest pottery and some mini trees.It's b****y freezing here tonight. I'm sitting at the computer with Bob's coat on and my hands falling off with cold and I'm just going to head off to bed to thaw out under the duvet and patchwork quilt. We're supposed to get more snow tomorrow I think, and over the weekend, but it will all have thawed out by Christmas I suppose.
Check out Laura's blog for her latest daredevil adventures - skydiving, crawling through ice caves and extreme kayaking to name but a few. Is she really my daughter?


  1. Lovely.......I really like the santa. I finally found Christmas..come see

  2. What lovely photos - everything looks great! :)



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