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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

First of December

The first day of advent calendars, the countdown has started if you are less than 12 years old. Well even if you are older than twelve - what the heck.
I sent little advent calendars to my nephew and niece, 13 and 10 respectively, and also to my Mum, who last was 12 seventy one years ago.
I've got a rather posh one for our house this year too, which I found at Country Living. It is made of felt with lovely embroidered birds and other motifs, and quite generous pockets for sweet treats. That might entice my 26 year old son home for the weekend!
We're still working our socks off to get the orders filled in time for Christmas, but there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.
Bob was at the Perth Christmas Street Fair last weekend while I stayed home and manned the shop. And for once it was a dry sunny day, albeit freezing. We're well equipped to ward off the cold at outdoor fairs though - a thick tarpaulin to cover the stand on three sides and an indispensable fan heater blowing out hot air all day. Another tip is to make sure you have a thick mat to stand on and of course the obligatory thermals!
Lastly, and most importantly bright lights. If you know there is going to be power available at the fair, make sure you take advantage. We had no less than three large halogens illuminating the stand and it makes it look very inviting as the daylight fades so quickly in the winter afternoons. There are always one or two stands who don't bring lights, and they might as well pack up and go home at two o'clock. I don't understand it.
So Bob coped well, and the crowds obligingly turned out to make it an excellent selling day. Smiles all round with the other sellers doing well too.
I read in the paper on Sunday that it was the allegedly the busiest day of the year for online shopping, and we had our share of the orders. Brisk business in Christmas cards and decorations even though I still haven't managed to put all of our new products on the website yet!
So Monday saw us back to working on shop orders. Another four finished and away yesterday - so as I say the end is in sight.
What then? Feet up, relax, do a bit of couch potato-ing? No not yet. There is the small matter of the house to get to grips with. I say this every year - the cobwebs are so huge I could spray them silver and they would make instant Christmas decorations. The kitchen needs a good to do, as well as the bathroom, bedrooms, living room, hall, garden, workshop, etc etc etc. All in good time.

I spent today getting the mail and website orders up to date and these two cards were among the specials. Ordered by a granny for her two little grandsons.
Pardon the picture quality - they were scanned.
Right, back to work. Ther's a bit of embroidery to do before bed.


  1. Hello from Nouméa, lovely blog, thanks for sharing

  2. Hello Lilas
    Thanks for visiting. I'd never heard of Noumea but have just googled it and it looks wonderful.



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