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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

I've Been Away -

Well, as you may have read, Valentine's Day was the new Christmas for us this year. Two weeks of frenzied activity thanks to the Sunday Post and by Friday of last week we had dispatched hundreds if not thousands of cards to all parts of the UK.
On Thursday night we had one card left...so I sent it off to my Mum!
We were more than ready for a couple of days off and our own Valentine's treat was a long weekend in London.
I'm not going to be boring and recount it all here - but we got home yesterday, and were back in business today. After all, Mother's Day is only four weeks away!
We had a camera full of pics of the usual - London Eye, Big Ben etc etc - nothing worth posting here. But we also stumbled upon Chinatown one evening bedecked for the Chinese New Year
and it was magical. The colours were so vibrant and the lanterns were all swaying in the light breeze.
We also overloaded on culture at the Tate Modern and other galleries, but the main reason for our trip was to see Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck at the O2 on Sunday night.
Some people who read this, I know, are Clapton fans - you know who you are! - so look what I found on Youtube - someone has got concert clips up already. There was mixed opinion about who was the better performer, but in my mind you have to go a long way to beat Clapton, although Jeff was right up there. My only criticism about the concert was the audience. Maybe the O2 is such a big venue that the atmosphere gets dissipated, but I reckon those two old guys up on stage deserved a warmer reception than they got. I'm sure once they get to NY the crowd will be right behind them, but it was pretty staid in London.
One more photo before I sign off. I just found these on the camera - Bob took them a few weeks back when he was out trekking up our local hill, Largo Law. Snowscenes are always serene and beautiful.  
This was looking across a steel grey Forth from Largo Law.
And a crescent moon was just visible in the gloaming, over the old power station in Leven.
But there was also a bit of colour on the walk - this still life of fishing bits and pieces on a whitewashed cottage wall in Lower Largo
and this everlasting and ever changing flotsam sculpture on the beach beyond Largo.
That's all for tonight folks. I hope you like the Clapton clip..... Janet!!


  1. Oh..Marion, I'm a Janet also, so I'll assume your shout out was meant for me ;-) ......I love Clapton! When my son started to play the guitar as a teenager, I told I would buy him the guitar of his dreams IF he learned the song 'Layla' for me. I love that song..I am such a child of the 70's and 80's music. Thanks for sharing Eric. Your correct in saying we Americans will on our feet dancing when he comes to town.
    PS...I can see the gorgeous colors of the Chinese street decorations ending up in some fabulous cards or stationary...just saying ;-)

  2. Yes Janet - you ARE that Janet!!!



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