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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Mr Embroidered Originals

Time to sing the praises of my other half. You'll know that he is my business partner as well as husband, but what you won't know is his considerable ability with a pencil and talent as an illustrator.
Caught up in the demands of this business, he, like me has no time to indulge his original passion. But I've been scanning some drawings he made many years ago, for another project, and thought I'd share them here.
You will see that he also has an interest in the cinema.


  1. Wow...talk about artistic talent!! I see a whole new line of cards!

  2. Aren't they great! I think Janet is right :)!

  3. Oh wow!The pics are amazing! Get him to indulge in his passion once again!!x

  4. Wow they are great pictures!

  5. They're fab, I particularly like the second one



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