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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Another Attempt

Hello again. If you read yesterday's post this will make more sense.
It's another late one, but I've been plodding through the chore of uploading photos for our new Trade website. It takes an achingly long time, I can tell you, and so repetitive.
But it has to be done.
So I stopped a while ago and turned my attention to this blog - did you see what it looked like yesterday?
Anyway, I've gone for a soft simple duck egg blue this time and to add a bit of colour there is a detail from one of my textile designs (Campanula, it's called) along the top.
Well I think it will stay as it is now for a wee while.
Haven't quite got back into work mode yet - that's for tomorrow.
Today we were over in Edinburgh doing a bit of sales shopping ( unsuccessfully) and also visiting the Turner in January exhibition at the National Gallery. Easily one of my favorite artists - so ahead of his time and such an amazing colourist.
But I also took some time to study this again. I love these embroideries every time I see them.
This is the work of Phoebe Anna Traquair and is the first in a series of four entitled "The Progress of the Soul".
It is a staggering 180cm high (that's approx 6 feet in old money) and is worked entirely in silk and metallic threads on linen.
I could stare at them all day and marvel at the stitchery.

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