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Sunday, 9 January 2011

What Good's a Blogpost Without Pictures?

Who wants to read it when there's no "eye candy"?
But it's been so dark lately and the days so short, there's hardly been a chance to take photos.
I've been busy uploading stuff on to our new website ( for Trade Customers only) which will go live just before the Trade Show in a couple of weeks. It takes a long bottom numbing stint in front of the computer screen every day. Groan.
We also had a remarkable response to the Christmas Sale on the main website ( and it's still on here ). Lots of trips to the Post Office over the past few days with parcels going to Australia, US and Canada, as well as closer to home.
Still not properly back in the swing of things though - I'm in kind of a dithery mood - flitting from task to task, not finishing one before starting another. Very counter-productive.
And still keeping ridiculously late hours, though there's no need.
So that's Resolution number 3 failed.


  1. Hello Marian,I have enjoyed reading your New Years resolutions. I'm sure they are applicable to many of us. They have rung bells for me! Looking forward to some more of your photography when the light brightens up for you.
    Hope 2011 is good for you.

  2. Pictures Please!!!!

    Ok, just kidding you...

    I will visit either way
    so please Miss Marion do not dismay

    Hey I'm a poet and din't even know it!!

    Do you feel better now??

    Janet xox



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