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Monday, 3 January 2011

Not Too Sure About This

Do you ever find yourself bored with nothing to do? The evening stretches ahead of you, nothing on telly and it's too early to go to bed?
Well I've got the simple answer to eat up those empty hours.... get yourself a blog ( if you don't have one already), decide in a simple naive way that it could do with a freshen up for the New Year (get rid of all those snowy pictures and worse still those snow falling widgets. Who needs to be reminded?)
Then start to have look over that wide wide web for a nice bright optimistic background to herald the Spring. Mmmm this one? Or this? Let's try THIS one. That looks OK, but the header colour clashes, and the font colour, the title colour etc etc. Right (two hours later) that's it's all tweaked and adjusted. But wait, it's citrus yellow (my least favouite colour) we can't have that.
Start again. ( 3hours later). Here's another one. Make all those changes again. Nah, don't like it.
(4 hours later, very slight exaggeration) Desperation. OK, this one will do. Quick, make all the changes, AGAIN, then switch the damned thing off and go to bed for what's left of the night.
And now it's the morning. The day stretches ahead full of work and chores to be done.
But maybe I should just check this blog again to see what I finished up with last night....
But it will have to stay until tonight at least.
What do you think? Too busy isn't it? And that pea green header colour.....


  1. Oh Marion...you are funny!

    I have often wondered what blog visitors see if they are logged on while we are making all our layout changes????

    Any idea?

    Janet xox

  2. Thanks Janet. But you didn't give your opinion of my "make over". Are you just being polite?!!



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