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Saturday, 16 April 2011

A Bit of Indulgence

Why is it that when I'm faced with a boring job to do ( like the accounts mentioned in my last post) I suddenly feel the need to add something to this blog? No prizes for guessing that it is, as ever, putting off starting the boring job!
Today it's not really boring as such. But I've had a very energetic few hours digging in the garden and my bottom is sore with all the bending and pulling. All I want to do is crash in front of the TV and then go for a long soak in the bath.
But I should (should, I repeat) give back some of the gardening time to the business of work. OK, so it's a Saturday - most people's day off - but we really need to do some work at some point EVERY day in order to keep on top of things.
So there's a pile of cards printed and waiting to have the designs added, but you know...I can't raise the energy.
So hence this post, about nothing really.
Time for a picture...
Mmmmm....Banoffee Pie with double cream and a fancy swirl of vanilla sauce finished off with a Belgian chocolate straw.
I can tell you it was GOOD.
That was the end of our meal last night at a local restaurant and I wanted to try out the camera in my new Iphone.
I've been very good on my diet for months now, so one pudding won't be too bad.
Anyway, I'm sure all that digging this afternoon burned off the pudding calories.
Now that I've worked out how easy it is to get the photos from phone to blog, I'll maybe be able to make the posts a bit more interesting.
And so to the cards...
This is our monthly delivery to Rejects in Kirkcaldy. They have a spinner of our cards and manage to practically sell out every month. Which is good.

1 comment:

  1. Hello Marion,
    A post about nothing...I love that!

    Sometimes nothing can be a very...very good thing. Especially with a sore bum ;->

    janet xox

    PS...pass the cake please



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