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Wednesday, 9 September 2009


I know it's only September but we have to be prepared. Our trade customers have already started ordering and we have our Christmas cards on display in the farm shop. One lady bought six yesterday!

These two are actually from last year's collection, but they were such winners they'll be staying for this year.

The new designs are still under wraps, meaning I've not got them finished yet!

I did design a New Year card yesterday which I think is going to do well, but it's still a prototype and could be subject to a tweak here and there, so I'll not reveal it yet.

I'm going to set a few hours aside over the next few days to update the website - very overdue I'm sorry to say, and I'll add the Christmas cards then.

I just wish there were 36 hours in a day - maybe I'd catch up with myself .

Right I'm off to make an applique picture for a 90 year old, euphonium playing, football supporter. I've just had a look at a euphonium on Google and I think the shape of it will lend itself to intertwining a large number 90, and I'll have to incorporate yellow and black somewhere ( the football team's colours).
If I'm successful, I'll post a photo tomorrow.


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  2. Great cards, the kilt design made me laugh. Can see why they are popular :)



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