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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Late Show

It's late, very late. Third night in a row I've seen 1am come and go. Why? Good question.
I think the answer has to be peace. When everyone else is (sensibly) asleep, I know there won't be any interruptions and I can get through more work.
Today ( or rather yesterday) was a day of phone calls - I've just checked there were more than twenty between 10 and 4. Customers phoning with orders - always welcome - chat with a friend - also welcome - calls to and from a supplier about our printer - long, involved and ultimately satisfactory - calls from craft fair organisers offering stand space, a local print company about business cards, a call from my "cutting out" helper with a question, even a call from someone asking to speak to the new owner, and who promptly hung up when I said "new owner, what new owner?". Odd.
So you see, you add that to the customers in the shop, plus the other day to day things which clog up my peanut brain and the result - overload.
At one point this afternoon I swear my brain stopped working altogether just like the computer does sometimes, and I had to re-boot it.
Once the eveing meal is over it's a reassuring feeling that there are hours ahead in which to catch up with the work I should have got through during the day.
So tonight there was a pile of cards to have the finishing touches painted on and a sizeable list of one off orders to do for posting tomorrow.
I keep striving to reach the end of the list, the bottom of the pile, the top of the mountain, whatever. But it's never quite there.
My "To Do" list gets longer and longer. Well I don't actually have a to do list, because when I go to write one down my mind goes blank and I can't remember what I was going to add to the blessed thing.
So why am I sitting here at 1.28am writing this post when I could be getting some sleep? Another good question. Just winding down before going to bed.
I didn't get all the work done tonight, but I can't physically paint another card. No sir, saturation point.
I'll crawl upstairs and disturb the sleeping cat and husband and sink into oblivion for a few hours.
Don't feel sorry for me - I'm not looking for sympathy - I'm extremely glad to be in this situation actually, it means business is booming and that can't be bad.
It would just be nice to have time to be ORGANISED. That's my dream - unattainable - but nevertheless my dream.
Now, number 23 of today's to do list is - go to bed. I think I can manage that.
Goodnight and thanks for listening to the rant.


  1. I know exactly what you mean! My most productive time has got to be between 8pm and - Midnight. It's the only time I get uninterrupted 'me' time.

  2. Just think how many of us there are out there - working in isolation into the wee small hours. It's quite comforting to know you're not the only one!!



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